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Runners … Walkers … Sitters

Through my life, I have worn many hats, almost as if I lived many lives. When I shared this quote, “Praise your runners, encourage your walkers, but a ‘sitter’ will always be a sitter.” I didn’t realize how many comments and questions it would bring up—but it did!

After my two terms as board president of a family foundation, I wrote some advice to the next president. A president to president note, something to help the next person with not only what is expected of him or her but, because we are family, this would help run the foundation in peace.

Family is like the branches of a tree.

We all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

The advice covered everything from words of wisdom, critical nuts and bolts, the importance of communication, to the unwritten rules of being president. Some examples of the note I wrote were, “learn from everyone, but follow no one; be you; always have self-dealing facts in focus; and create a SAFE place for everyone to voice an opinion, comment, and bring up new ideas.”

Runners are the people who are not only on committees but also attend every meeting and tackle tasks, complete reports, read other people’s reports, and so forth. They put in the extra mile, dotting their i’s and crossing the t’s and they volunteer for more.

Walkers are active on committees, task forces, do their work, get it in on time, and attend every meeting.

Sitters too may be on committees, maybe even a task force or two. They attend meetings and do their work, but sometimes they think a verbal report is perfectly fine.

So, for those who thought I was praising people for running, I will always praise anyone who can! If you walk for exercise, I will encourage you to keep up the great work. And those of us who sit at a computer a little too long during the day, we might be called a “sitter,” but I know you are working hard and hope you are able leave your chair and go have some fun throughout your day too!

Even though I have retired from being president of the family foundation, it’s good to know that some of my hard work can be passed down to the next generation and to those who want to know.

My question for you: are you a runner, walker, or a sitter?

I am now a sitter, but my mind is always running!

Thanks for reading my little blog. I hope you have a wonderful day! 

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