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A Short Story No matter how bright the sun shone, the darkness overpowered her inner thoughts and swallowed her whole. She perched on the rustic bench that overlooked the three-mile-long white sandy beach, mesmerized with each wave slapping against the shore. A chattering gull flew here and there as a child’s giggle danced in the… Continue reading Penny

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A Gift of Memories

Day One: Special delivery Two huge boxes were carried from the driveway to the backyard about 20 yards from Lake Minnehaha, dropped and left unopened. I walked the length of the fourteen-foot box, then stopped to tug at it. Too heavy for me to move an inch, I moved on to tugging at its seams.… Continue reading A Gift of Memories

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Our sailboat, the Sharon Ann, was perfect for our weekend sailing trips to Catalina and holidays to places like Cabo San Lucas. I would sit with Dad in the cockpit sometimes all night long, plus down below was stuffy and it made me nauseous. The cold air and salty sprays of the Pacific Ocean would… Continue reading Rainbows

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Pup and the Purple Unicorn

Standing on the hard concrete, I stared in the appliance store window at the news on a television that had apparently been placed on sale today. A reporter standing outside the Dollar General, a store I knew so very well, was talking into the camera. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but the store… Continue reading Pup and the Purple Unicorn

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Reality Word Game: Connection – Gratitude – Sons

Dawn snuck through the fog and the smell of fresh coffee lingered in the air as my sleepy eyes moved over my to-do lists. My fingers found the keyboard and, without a thought, unlocked my Mac. My eyes narrowed as the screen lit up the room. I didn’t remember being on Facebook before walking away… Continue reading Reality Word Game: Connection – Gratitude – Sons

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Hot Topic: Smudging

The vast desert land passed quietly along as I searched for wild horses from the van’s window. The land of the free and the brave. In my eight-year-old mind, freedom stood for no fences so one could ride their horse for days in one direction without obstruction, and brave was for those riding in the… Continue reading Hot Topic: Smudging

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If Pets Could Talk …

Who said they can’t talk? Annie is my father’s service dog and she goes everywhere with him. The special bond that has grown between heart patient and service dog in the past several years is unbelievable. He has stumbled, fallen, and she cried out until someone came to help. He has had several heart arrhythmias,… Continue reading If Pets Could Talk …