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Hot Topic: Smudging

The vast desert land passed quietly along as I searched for wild horses from the van’s window. The land of the free and the brave. In my eight-year-old mind, freedom stood for no fences so one could ride their horse for days in one direction without obstruction, and brave was for those riding in the… Continue reading Hot Topic: Smudging


Go For It Anyway!

Have you ever met someone who instantly jabbed you with looks and words? The thing is, I never was introduced to her, but she had a lot to say about me. It was my first writers conference and I was sitting with a small group, sharing a page or two of our books or stories… Continue reading Go For It Anyway!

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If Pets Could Talk …

Who said they can’t talk? Annie is my father’s service dog and she goes everywhere with him. The special bond that has grown between heart patient and service dog in the past several years is unbelievable. He has stumbled, fallen, and she cried out until someone came to help. He has had several heart arrhythmias,… Continue reading If Pets Could Talk …

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What Is In Your Fortune Cookie?

To accomplish great things, we must have a vision, act on it, and—most importantly—believe in our dream and in ourselves. But today, now thanks to this fortune cookie, I have new perspective on life. Say Nothing - I think NOT! “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.” Avoiding criticism is much like… Continue reading What Is In Your Fortune Cookie?

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The Simple Gift

What can you do when you feel the 2020 blues? Even behind a “2020 mask” people recognize a frown or a smile…it’s in your eyes. Maybe it’s about being noticed, so we don’t feel so invisible, even if it’s for a fraction of a second. Just imagine if you add a smile, in that moment… Continue reading The Simple Gift

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Finding Home

Winter: Playing in the snow near the horse barn! The side door to our beautiful house slid open, and the cool spring air rejuvenated my aging body. Mom had clipped off what seemed to be twenty-five pounds of my winter coat before going to bed, and I slept all night like a newborn puppy. The… Continue reading Finding Home

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Rocker Zane

Mom's Song by Rocker Zane age 12 “My favorite two instruments to play are piano and guitar, but I also play drums, bass, viola, and a little trumpet.” –Rocker Zane An Interview with Rocker Zane When Words Fail, Music Speaks A ping rang from my cell phone, announcing an incoming email from home over five… Continue reading Rocker Zane

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The Commencement Address

Young adults sat in elegant white seats on a chapel lawn, dressed in dark suits and classy white summer dresses. Tall oak trees swayed gently in the breeze, shading most of the event. Beyond, a blue lake sparkled back at the sun as swans glided effortlessly across the surface. It was a beautiful May morning… Continue reading The Commencement Address

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Little Life Lessons

Blink ... and they are grown! Remembering the little pitter-patter of feet, three quick steps to my one stride. A warm, tiny hand clutched firmly around my fingers, and my grip on his hand just firm enough to grab ahold if needed as we strolled up the sidewalk. I guided him around obstacles, pointed out… Continue reading Little Life Lessons

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CLICK the Shutter Snapped

Fine Arts My fingers clutch around the camera body, its weight resting in my hand. My eye relaxed but fixed, I gaze through the eye piece and observe every detail in frame. My left hand slowly rotates the zoom ring, shifts slightly, then moves to the focus ring until the image falls into place. In… Continue reading CLICK the Shutter Snapped