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When you were young, did you find yourself intrigued with music boxes, thimbles, or pins? Or did you think ceramic figurines, weaved baskets, or handcrafted wood items were the sparkle that grabbed your attention? Stamps of any kind, baseball cards, or currency from around the world, old and new could be your choice. Any one… Continue reading Collecting


Quote of the Week

If a photo is worth a thousand words, why is it so hard sometimes to grab those words and put them on paper? If it’s a place I need a character to be, it’s best that I close my eyes and fully immerse myself in that location. I ask myself, what does the character smell,… Continue reading Quote of the Week


The Quote Collector

Throughout my life, I’ve been a fan of reading quotes. They inspire me to be a better person and motivate me to carry on while keeping a positive mindset. They have shared wisdom with me, and in return, I try to quietly pass them on. I have only walked in my shoes all my life—not… Continue reading The Quote Collector


Pets In All Shapes and Sizes

Clyde Sponge in hand, I dipped it into the sink water and washed another dish, allowing my gaze to drift beyond the window, to the small grass field my three boys played in for so many years. Beyond that field and a small grove of trees sits our eight-stall horse barn where I spent most… Continue reading Pets In All Shapes and Sizes


Clowns of the Sea: the Atlantic Puffin

A fun way to explore Iceland with kids from home! #nature #puffins #animals #Iceland #travel #books #ebook #audiobook


A Mosquito Free Oasis

My life journey is taking me back to live on a beautiful lake in central Florida. It’s been many moons since we lived around over-sized, man-eating reptiles and humongous yet stealthy, flying, blood-sucking insects. However, starting off in a new house, new town, allows room for new ideas. Out of the “things” we are bringing… Continue reading A Mosquito Free Oasis


The Creative Monsters Within

Have you ever had such a vivid dream that it puts every feeling you ever had on high alert? Then, all day long you think of it, not as a dream but something real—even tangible. My advice to you: Write it down! Every detail, from each character to their personality, style, accent, and can you… Continue reading The Creative Monsters Within

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Our sailboat, the Sharon Ann, was perfect for our weekend sailing trips to Catalina and holidays to places like Cabo San Lucas. I would sit with Dad in the cockpit sometimes all night long, plus down below was stuffy and it made me nauseous. The cold air and salty sprays of the Pacific Ocean would… Continue reading Rainbows

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Pup and the Purple Unicorn

Standing on the hard concrete, I stared in the appliance store window at the news on a television that had apparently been placed on sale today. A reporter standing outside the Dollar General, a store I knew so very well, was talking into the camera. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but the store… Continue reading Pup and the Purple Unicorn

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Reality Word Game: Connection – Gratitude – Sons

Dawn snuck through the fog and the smell of fresh coffee lingered in the air as my sleepy eyes moved over my to-do lists. My fingers found the keyboard and, without a thought, unlocked my Mac. My eyes narrowed as the screen lit up the room. I didn’t remember being on Facebook before walking away… Continue reading Reality Word Game: Connection – Gratitude – Sons