About Me

I have lived in many places, including California, Belize, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kentucky, and Georgia, a boat named the Western Star, and home is currently a town called Clermont. I grew up on horseback and sailboats. While horse farms and sailboats typically don’t mix, it was the best combination and the most amazing way for me to grow up.

I have always traveled, and I developed the lifelong habit of researching fun facts prior to traveling to each of the twenty-three countries and thirty-one states I have visited so far. I found these fun facts slipping out unintentionally with family and even with people I met on my travels, leaving them curious and begging for more.

A lifelong passion for creative writing and photography became my life, my professions. My photographs have been featured in table books, magazines, and front-page news, and won several awards. My writing has been published in magazines, poetry books, and children’s books.

I am the mother of three boys who are my heart and soul. My husband is my strength and passion, and we have recently become empty nesters, leaving us more time to travel. Every day I take photos—whether for my photography business, capturing headline news, or snapping personal memories—and write. In a nutshell, my life is full, challenging, wonderful, and altogether exhausting, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, people seem to think my most impressive accomplishment is that I know how to work the manual settings on a DSLR camera.