Cody the Cockatrice Children’s Illustrated Chapter Book Series

Once Upon the Rhine (Cody the Cockatrice Series Book One)

Fifty years before an American boy named Brody explored the streets of Basel, Switzerland with his family, Cody the Cockatrice had become obsolete. Because children had grown to believe he wasn’t real, that he was just a mythological creature, Cody was no longer visible and his job as a child guardian was impossible.

Then Brody takes notice of the strange statue standing guard over most of the water fountains around the city of Basel while on a tour with his family. As he fills his water bottle, their Swiss Chocolatier tour guide explains that the mythological creature was fathered by a rooster, mothered by a lizard, hatched by a toad, and had the tail and wings of a dragon.

But wait. If he is an imaginary creature, how does Brody see a real one sitting right next to the statue?!

Cody realizes Brody sees him and has no idea what to do. Fifty years is a long time! Can he be a Cockatrice God Parent (CGP) to an American? If so, will he have to leave Basel and go back to America with the boy? Cody decides to follow the family down the Rhine River on their Disney river boat cruise, where he finds he is more than needed by Brody and his brothers.

Official Book Trailer: Once Upon The Rhine

The Land of Vikings and Trolls (Cody the Cockatrice Series Book Two)

People may think Cody is only a dreamt-up creature from a family vacation in Basel, Switzerland. Cody is a Cockatrice. Some say he’s only a mythological creature. He’s a blood cousin of dragons, is fathered by a rooster, mothered by a lizard and hatched by a toad. His flying speeds that reach over one-hundred miles per hour, twice the speed of a hummingbird. He’s invisible to everyone who doesn’t believe. He’s five thousand times stronger than a human and he’s only twelve inches tall from head to tail. Oh, did I mention that Cody is over a thousand years old?

A boy named Brody and his two brothers know Cody is not make believe. After their family adventure on a riverboat traveling down the Rhine River, the three brothers thought they would never see their little friend again, but Cody surprised them and joined them on the flight home to the United States of America. He quickly became more than a protector, a CGP, Cockatrice-god-parent, he’s their companion and friend. The boys have underlying health issues that no one would even know about unless told and Cody’s powers give him the keen ability to help in more ways than ever imagined.

The family is about to embark on another adventure, this time they are traveling to Iceland for a family member’s destination wedding. As they explore this Artic nation’s glaciers, volcanoes and several hidden gems, Cody’s powers grew stronger than ever before, but he didn’t know why. Nowhere on earth is the land so alive and magical, and as if the natural wonders of this land somehow awakened Cody’s hidden abilities from the unknown. Cody’s adventures in Iceland take him slightly away from the boys. He travels into the living ground beneath, where he meets friendly and not so friendly trolls, he encounters two little pixies full of mischievousness and makes friends with beloved seabirds and clowns of the sea, puffins. New powers are revealed, and old acquaintances found, Cody is vitalized, as Brody worries Cody will stay in Iceland forever.