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A Short Story No matter how bright the sun shone, the darkness overpowered her inner thoughts and swallowed her whole. She perched on the rustic bench that overlooked the three-mile-long white sandy beach, mesmerized with each wave slapping against the shore. A chattering gull flew here and there as a child’s giggle danced in the… Continue reading Penny

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The Land of Vikings and Trolls – coming soon

Flying high above the clouds ... We are set for our new adventure! Cody is a Cockatrice, an extraordinary hybrid cockerel-dragon, fathered by a rooster, mothered by a lizard, and hatched by a toad, a true little blood cousin of dragons. They inherited their wings and tails, you know! Cody is the protector of three… Continue reading The Land of Vikings and Trolls – coming soon


The Christmas Letter

’Tis the season for holiday good wishes. I smiled as I saw the red and green envelopes sprinkled within the everyday boring bills, cards of all shapes and sizes, and if you’re lucky, they will come with a note. Over the year, we have found ourselves too busy to pick up the phone and get… Continue reading The Christmas Letter


September 95th

The whispering sounds of a kitten’s meow arouse me from the depth of sleep. I open my eyes, then struggle to focus as they meet little goddess Maia’s wide, pleading gaze. Now a grown cat, she has always made sounds like a kitten and kneaded me like bread when she’s hungry. She stretches her paws… Continue reading September 95th


Dear Santa – a short story

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a pony. Love, Me The short note I’d written Santa was placed back on my desk by Mrs. Oliver, my third-grade teacher. It had red pen notes from her all over that read: Why do you want a pony? How will you take care of it? Will… Continue reading Dear Santa – a short story


Before Dawn

My eyes focused out toward the horizon as red and yellow lights danced across the water. The darkest part of the day is just before dawn, when everything is resting, quiet before the brink of day. The outside critters were snuggled in their burrows, the birds tucked down in their nests not a peep or… Continue reading Before Dawn


Horror Nights

A soft thud rings in my ears, but I toss it aside to enjoy this moment. A slight breeze, the sweet fragrance, and the tall flowers tickling my toes as I ride my horse Clyde along a small path through the most beautiful sunflower fields I have ever seen. I pat my pocket and wish… Continue reading Horror Nights


When the World is on Fire

A cyclone of thoughts, memories, conversations blazed paths between my ears. My temples pulsed, my eyes burned, and my stomach flipped as all the unfinished business of selling, buying, and moving blazed burning trails through my timbering mind. My shoulders sagged, my limbs felt heavy, and my jawline muscles burned as I noticed my jaw… Continue reading When the World is on Fire