A Mosquito Free Oasis

My life journey is taking me back to live on a beautiful lake in central Florida. It’s been many moons since we lived around over-sized, man-eating reptiles and humongous yet stealthy, flying, blood-sucking insects. However, starting off in a new house, new town, allows room for new ideas. Out of the “things” we are bringing on this big move, the most important are our ideas. Oh, they aren’t mine to patent. People have known and used these artful illusions for decades. Some have been in use by the most famous Florida theme park since prior to construction. Through research I have learned about gardening tactics that will repel mosquitoes. It’s too bad I didn’t know about these tricks when we previously lived in Florida.

My mind has been bursting, popping out visions of landscapes and garden ideas. It will take time, but I will slowly transform our home into a mosquito free oasis for myself and visitors who would rather not be served as the main course for these vampire-insects. I can start off with planters growing oregano and basil, and a hint of fresh pasta sauce is in our future. I was successful with growing these in the house, so hopefully they will grow as easily outside in the warmth and humidity. Lemongrass will line the sidewalks in the front and backyard. Thyme can stay in their cute critter-shaped pots, but I will place them outdoors, near the sitting areas. My rosemary topiary plant has already been designated “Mother Rosemary,” because her clippings have already started growing roots. I had designed, or pruned, this plant into a topiary tree shape. The fun thing will be shaping her little sprouts into shapes like spirals, cones, balls, and my favorite, hearts. These are the plants I will start adding around the new house, but there are many more plants that are nature’s way of shooing mosquitoes away.

It seems the parks have another trick too. There is no standing water, because this makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquito armies. They keep all bodies of water in constant motion. So, I have some work to do, but there is a fountain already in the pool and the hot tub water runs off the ledge, cascading into the pool, so that should take care of the pool water. The water fountain will need to be constantly flowing, and the base can be stocked with goldfish and minnows, both types of fish that eat mosquito larvae. I am not sure I want to try the “fish” thing, but I am open to it.

Did you know, at the most magical place on Earth, they spray a light garlic concoction all over the park’s grounds to help keep mosquitoes away? If you know the mixture, please let me know!

Still looking for the alligator repellent…

1 thought on “A Mosquito Free Oasis”

  1. We have Ben in Lake Placid since 1995….
    26 years ago…and have NEVER had a mosquito bite or alligator bite! So, do what you wish but be not afraid. We rarely go out after dusk and do not spend much time on the beach front, and it is hot in the summer but we are happy you will be much closer (500 miles)…and after most of your changes are done, you can begin to relax and have lake fun again. remember the good times and make many more in August.
    Much more to Florida than bugs…as you know!😄🎶We love ❤️ You and yours forever.
    Dad and Mom Anderson. 🌈🌴


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