Clowns of the Sea: the Atlantic Puffin

An Atlantic Puffin
Fun Fact: There are four species of puffins: Atlantic puffin, tufted puffin, horned puffin, and rhinoceros auklet.

On a very cold spring day in June, my son and I walked along the path following a trail along the edge of the very steep Látrabjarg cliffs in Iceland. We knew we would spend the day walking and looking for Atlantic puffins, but I didn’t know I would find my heartstrings tugged by a one-pound, ten-inch tall, black and white bird with an oversized neon orange colored beak! Its comical stance and little marching walk; how in flight it looks like a flying football; the way it often looks like a fumbled, loose, toppling ball when trying to land…well, they are seabirds you know. These silly birds are nicknamed the clowns of the sea. Only feet away from these friendly birds, their triangle-shaped eyes looked up at me, away to look for predators like the black-backed gull, and back at me for another glance. A puffin pair was sitting just out of reach from us, and one cooed to its lifelong mate and they clicked their beaks together showing their affection to their one true love. All day we watched this colony of puffins, but in a matter of minutes they simply stole my heart!

Látrabjarg, Iceland

Iceland: the Puffin Explorer series, is the story of two very curious pufflings, Árni and Birta, join them as they take you around the island of Iceland before they have to head out to sea for their four-year journey alone!

Fun Fact: The Látrabjarg cliff located in the Westfjords is the westernmost point of Iceland and home to one of the largest bird colonies in the world. It is Europe’s largest bird cliff at 8.7 miles (14 km) long on the coastline with cliffs 1,447 feet high (441 meters).

eBook coming soon! All four books in one place, plus children can follow along to the audio book as well!

1 thought on “Clowns of the Sea: the Atlantic Puffin”

  1. Such a touching series of places and birds I never experienced. TI could not put the fact filled books down with the wonder of it all. Thank you, RuthAnne , for sharing these beautiful birds of God’s Creations. Every book you write makes me feel I was there right along with you.


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