The Quote Collector

Throughout my life, I’ve been a fan of reading quotes. They inspire me to be a better person and motivate me to carry on while keeping a positive mindset. They have shared wisdom with me, and in return, I try to quietly pass them on. I have only walked in my shoes all my life—not once have I walked in yours. I don’t know your journey nor what holds you back or drives you forward, so from my years of walking, I can only share my perceptions.

I love with my whole heart, and some quotes have allowed my heart to have a voice. Quotes have helped me find the missing words to my feelings and solved personal issues. Have you ever read or heard a quote and said, “That’s me!” If so, you are not alone. Every day is a surprise to our mind, body, and spirit, and even quotes can be interpreted differently, depending on the state of mind the reader is in. Quotes can be powerful, or simply just a thought said out loud. They can change your outlook on the day ahead by casting a different perspective or prompting you to seize the day and even energize your life. Happy thoughts of the past, present, and future will fill your body with hope, the optimism needed to succeed, and the courage it takes to fear nothing!

I’m a collector of quotes from the famous and the not-so-famous. Whatever the day has in store for me, I look to the quote of the day and take that next step, whether a baby step or an Olympic leap…I am going forward! Every day is a journey, every moment is an experience, and the most beautiful things in the world can only be felt with your heart.

If you enjoy quotes like these, I plan on sharing a quote of the week here on RA’s Thoughts at RA-Anderson.com.

2 thoughts on “The Quote Collector”

  1. So true…I can do this…I CAN do this…I can Do this…I can do THIS. Same words but all with emphasis on how you feel it! Just ME.


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