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The Simple Gift

What can you do when you feel the 2020 blues? Even behind a “2020 mask” people recognize a frown or a smile…it’s in your eyes. Maybe it’s about being noticed, so we don’t feel so invisible, even if it’s for a fraction of a second. Just imagine if you add a smile, in that moment it could warm the soul, mask or no mask.

Life is about giving. “Paying It” forward and sharing with others, even if it’s merely a smile. You never know when the simple act of eye to eye contact with a greeting of a grin, a small, very simple greeting, could change the outlook of the rest of the day for you and for someone else.

I hope you think about “giving” in a new light. A smile is the simplest form of showing others someone cares. Today, Pay It Forward with a smile. Plus, it will possibly put a positive spin on your own day as well!

Try it and see. Tell me how it goes!

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