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Little Life Lessons

Blink … and they are grown!

Remembering the little pitter-patter of feet, three quick steps to my one stride. A warm, tiny hand clutched firmly around my fingers, and my grip on his hand just firm enough to grab ahold if needed as we strolled up the sidewalk. I guided him around obstacles, pointed out signs, and kept him safe from the world around us. Soon this little boy would let go and want to face the world alone, without the guidance of a parent. All we can do is pray that we teach them everything we can and that they will retain it all. A parent can only have faith that their children digest all of the life lessons you share with them, because the obstacles in life can be so unforgiving.

The little boy is now a man, sitting in the living room where we talked and talked. Wagging her tail, our golden retriever came over to greet us. I reached down and patted her head and said, “Oh gross!” because she was soaking wet. Without hesitation, she waggled her way over to my son who reached down and gave her a rub and said, “Oh geesh!”

Sometimes “life lessons” come to us in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes we are open to receive them. Sometimes we need to see how wet the dog really is for ourselves. Embrace each lesson, because it’s so easy to let them slip by. So, if your child, no matter the age, has to pet the wet dog for himself, it’s okay. Remember, people can develop success from failures and testing the water on their own isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it will give you both something to laugh about.

Success is the sum of all your efforts—from the lessons of history to today’s blunders and achievements.

1 thought on “Little Life Lessons”

  1. So happy our grandsons all had good parental guidance. We are aware we have the most wonderful grand children…and even more great-grands. We feel the family tree is still healthy. Wet dog? positive vibes. 😄💕🎶


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