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Quote of the Week – Tomorrow

Tomorrow is filled with the great unknown, the unexpected, and it's our curiosity that drives us forward into each day.

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How Narrators Get Hired

Audiobook: Basic Narrator Tips Why is an author writing How to Get Hired as a narrator? First, I would like to thank the narrators for sending in auditions. This week I am working on hiring a narrator for my fourth audiobook, Lakehouse Déjà Vu. We received 60 amazing auditions. This group of narrators really made… Continue reading How Narrators Get Hired

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Please Help Me Find CODY the Cockatrice in The Land of Vikings and Trolls! Search here To purchase a plush Cody visit RA-Anderson on Etsy!

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Rocker Zane

Mom's Song by Rocker Zane age 12 “My favorite two instruments to play are piano and guitar, but I also play drums, bass, viola, and a little trumpet.” –Rocker Zane An Interview with Rocker Zane When Words Fail, Music Speaks A ping rang from my cell phone, announcing an incoming email from home over five… Continue reading Rocker Zane