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Rocker Zane

Mom’s Song by Rocker Zane age 12

“My favorite two instruments to play are piano and guitar, but I also play drums, bass, viola, and a little trumpet.” –Rocker Zane

An Interview with Rocker Zane

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

A ping rang from my cell phone, announcing an incoming email from home over five thousand miles away. I was back in the hotel after a beautiful dinner overlooking the Acropolis of Athens. I tapped on the email and read, “Mom, can I buy a plastic trumpet?” Puzzled why Zane, a senior in high school, would ask my permission to purchase a toy, but delighted he’d reached out, I replied, “Yes!”

Viola Concert in the Ruins. Barnsley Gardens

More than a week later, I was back home working for Darlington school when the new music instructor informed me that Zane had made it into the brass ensemble. Playing what, I pondered as the band teacher continued, “But he will need a real trumpet. The plastic one will not do for concerts.” This wasn’t my first mind-blowing experience as Zane’s mom. In my personal opinion, Zane isn’t a music protégé, but the kid can pick up any instrument. He’s even rocked out on an Otamatone! So at that time, it wasn’t surprising to learn he’d chosen to attend Belmont University in Nashville.

In April 2021, Zane graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering Technology and a minor in Computer Science and will continue his education at Belmont for his master’s degree. He has had internships with Blackbird Studio in Nashville and worked closely with several sound engineers in the area. His favorite project done at Belmont was creating a video game in his Video Game Sound Design class. He programmed the game, created the music, and did all the sound design for the project. “It was extremely fun to make, and I ended up particularly proud of my creation,” he said.

I was extremely lucky to have him create and produce the music for my book trailers, Iceland: The Puffin Explorers Series, Once Upon the Rhine and Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star.

For this interview, I asked Zane if he had a magical power, what would it be, and he said, “Time control or the ability to fly.” I can see him now, flying above, rocking out to his favorite tunes by Jukebox the Ghost, Queen or John Mayer.

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