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Writing Backwards

It was my morning routine, and as I was reading through my emails something caught my eye: Your Book Has Made the Best-Selling List! This coming from a trusted friend, I knew it wasn’t the typical spam email and the news made me pause. My dream is to have a book on the best-selling list,… Continue reading Writing Backwards


Murder Mystery – CLUE

A tingle shivered down my spine like a spider mom sending off her spiderlings who were nestled upon her back. A slow bead of sweat rolled down my brow, then swiftly streamed down my check. My feet planted firmly, I stood frozen in the dusk evening light staring at the ground as hand shadows and… Continue reading Murder Mystery – CLUE

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CLICK the Shutter Snapped

Fine Arts My fingers clutch around the camera body, its weight resting in my hand. My eye relaxed but fixed, I gaze through the eye piece and observe every detail in frame. My left hand slowly rotates the zoom ring, shifts slightly, then moves to the focus ring until the image falls into place. In… Continue reading CLICK the Shutter Snapped