Murder Mystery – CLUE

A tingle shivered down my spine like a spider mom sending off her spiderlings who were nestled upon her back. A slow bead of sweat rolled down my brow, then swiftly streamed down my check. My feet planted firmly, I stood frozen in the dusk evening light staring at the ground as hand shadows and groundbreaking zombies arouse from the dead. Moving slightly, touched by a breeze, my attention was drawn to the floating dead lady’s dress that fluttered and snapped. She turned and her face revealed a blank white stare as spiders crawled from the vacancy of her mouth and empty eye sockets.

Drip – drip – drip – the three-tier antique fountain statue slowly came to life. The slight splatter of droplets began to fall, and a hiss came from within the pond as mist formed suspended, rolled over the water, and slithered between the lower tier’s cherub flute players. Orange glowing lights shimmered through the water and danced within the misty fog. Slightly like a witch’s brew!

The clock chimed seven and characters of all colors, shapes, and sizes arrived from their teleport transfers and one by one entered the mansion’s double doors. Tink revamped was waving her pixie in the kitchen, making a killer finger food spread. The crocodile was the one to watch. She brought human toes and bloody syringes to share with anyone who dared. A skinless head, brains with crackers, and cheese cubes for those who would gamble, but everyone gobbled up the tricolored pasta “guts” like goblins devouring … well, anything. A nightmare of a feast and drinks for beasts, but guests nibbled, dabbled, and drank. A gathering of all, when Mr. Plum and wife Scarlett welcomed everyone. Cheers, we are all here, signaled a champaign toast with a clink, clank, and a shriek … now one is dead.

A murder mystery with a clue in each room, and we must figure it out or you too will be doomed!

The Game:

Who did it? What weapon was used? Where did it happen?

Rooms: The Sailboat Room, The Library, The Concert Hall, and the fourth room was the dock house where the group watched a video filmed by the victim.

The guests formed four groups. Each group was given the same amount of time to find the clue in each room. After, they would tell Mr. Plum and gather outside before proceeding to the next room. When all four rooms were completed, clues were tallied, and room times were counted to see what team solved the case and time was the tiebreaker if needed. It was a little mixture of an Escape Room and Clue, and fun was had by all!!!

1 thought on “Murder Mystery – CLUE”

  1. What a memory…funtastic and scary…what a mansion filled with good people! it was haunted with spirited folks for sure? Good job….can it ever be forgotten? I do not think so. Thanks for the pictures…such. Good plsnning…was time for the Soooks and Goblins to enjoy their Special day. Mr. Plum and Scarlett snd Brother too along with Mrs. Witch…I applaud your efforts!
    ❤️ From Me.

    Liked by 1 person

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