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Lakehouse Déjà Vu AHA Moments

My eyes focused on the letter until the words blurred slightly. I let my gaze slowly trail over to the book on which the letter focused, and tiny goosebumps ran up and down my arms.

Lakehouse Déjà Vu is a book to read with a friend, in a class, or with reading group!


Because you will want to talk about it and then when you do, you’ll find out the aha moments are bigger than you thought!

Was Rose simply writing in her diary about daily events or feelings?

The artwork in her room was more than art. They meant something to her, had deeper meanings that were hidden in plain sight.

A couple of examples, without giving too much of a spoiler, are the lighthouse and the dream catcher. The lighthouse represents hope and security because long ago, they were only means for sailors to be guided home and kept safe from hidden dangers. A dream catcher isn’t to simply catch bad dreams but is there to protect the spirit from having long negative effects of the nightmare.

A reader told me that she was fascinated by how fiction met nonfiction and is now a Save the Manatee Club fan and has adopted a manatee! Another told me she and her husband are going to find out where the nearest Wyland Gallery is located so they can visit and see some of the amazing artwork Rose had in her room.

The most recent email I received was about how a reader looked up the meaning of an empath with much curiosity after reading that Rose’s college professor had started to talk about it and she might have self-diagnosed herself. The swirl of emotions going on with her thoughts and her journal give you bits and pieces, but again, no spoilers here, wouldn’t it be great to talk to a group or a classroom about being an empath or not?

“I started reading at 4:30 and could not put it down until completed 3 ½ hours later, never thought about supper until I read it all. Oh my, what an ending!” said one reader of Lakehouse Déjà Vu.

As the author, I was able to share experiences, look up deeper meanings, show how you can feel art, and even share the importance of saving a beautiful sea creature such as the Manatees.

I hope you give this book a try—it’s about a three and a half to four hour read—and then please share your thoughts with me!

If you are a teacher and would like some books for your class, write me a message. I might have a box of books at home to share with classrooms. It’s the beginning of school, and I know budgets are slim to none.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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