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We Didn’t Know

We Didn’t Know is my new serialized novel coming out soon on Kindle Vella at Amazon.

Two best friends find themselves dealing with the loss of the only two people they could call family, and little do they know, they will find hidden family secrets and treasures that will change their lives forever.

Let me introduce to you to some of the characters:

Lilly Pilsner was orphaned at four years old and raised by her aunt and uncle who never wanted children. A second-year grad student at UC, Denver, she is not who she appears to be, nor is her hunk of a boyfriend, Harley riding, construction project manager Craig Riley.

Sandy Miller passed her LSATs and has been accepted into law school. She is Lilly’s best friend and college roommate. They grew up as neighbors until Lilly was abandoned by her aunt and uncle and became a permanent resident at the Miller house. They will share more than an apartment after Sandy’s grandparents’ will is read, which states she must supervise the house renovation they planned for both Sandy and Lilly, so they could move on and start their new lives. Why is one of several missing puzzle pieces for the mystery to be solved.

Then there is Jeff, Sandy’s grandparents’ tall, dark, and handsome attorney who has his sights on Sandy—or perhaps on something she might unknowingly possess.

Denver, Colorado is an unlikely place to find treasure and fight pirates, but it’s there that Sandy and Lilly find themselves fighting for everything—including their lives. Lilly’s daydreams and nightmares may be the link to solving the mystery and learning who the real pirates amongst them are. How their lives will change, they seriously do not know!

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