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Goose Bumps

In his magical way, Cody the Cockatrice appeared as soon as he felt something amiss with his guardian children, especially when it had to do with their health and safety. Bryant’s feet had frozen in place and his breathing had become sporadic as his heart raced and thumped in his chest. His eyes were fixated on both his arms as he held them up in the air in front of him like some kind of zombie monster.

Cody assessed the situation, wondering if it was Bryant’s heart condition. Then he slowly let out a deep breath when he realized it wasn’t. Cody’s blue eyes followed the imaginary line from Bryant’s gaze to the cause of the boy’s immobilization.

Goose bumps!

Silent screams flooded Bryant’s mind, and Cody flew up to block Bryant’s view of these tiny bumps that had covered every inch of his arms.

“I have goose pox and will not be able to go on our next trip!” Bryant gasped.

“These are goose bumps, not goose pox!” Cody telepathically communicated to Bryant.

Bryant’s eyes blinked slow and hard, his breathing slowed, and his heart settled back into his chest. “I’ve never seen so many, and they’ve covered both arms. Are you sure they are Goosies?”

“Think back on what you did, or what you heard, right before you noticed them.” Cody stared directly into Bryant’s eyes, trying help him concentrate. “Goose bumps are your body’s wisdom directly communicating a message to you. If it was an ‘oh wow’ moment, they are there to inspire you. If they came because your gut didn’t feel right, well, it’s a warning that something isn’t right and maybe you should move on or change directions. I get them when something really touches my soul.”

As Cody told Bryant about goose bumps, he smiled thinking about the goose bumps he got when first meeting the three boys in Basel, Switzerland. He’d had so many his whole body was covered and they’d made him shiver—but in an enchanted way. Meeting Brody, Bowen, and Bryant had been a ‘goosie’ amplified moment in time.

“When you feel goose bumps, stop. Figure out what just happened to cause them. Finally, ask yourself, what meaning does it have for you.”

Cody smiled back at Bryant’s glowing expression, and without another word, the boy skipped off to his room.

Children may forget who I am when they grow up or don’t need me. They might even forget what I said and what I did, but I know now they will never forget how I made them feel! I know I’ll never forget how all my guardian children have made me feel. For the last thousand years or so, I’ve had some excellent goose bump moments I will always treasure.

Don’t forget to stop, take notice, and let your goose bumps guide the way.

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