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What is Kindle Vella?

July 13th 2022, Kindle Vella will be celebrating its first year as an Amazon writing platform. However, I only started reading Vella episodes a few months ago and haven’t dove-in and published anything there…yet.

This is how Amazon describes Kindle Vella: It’s a new way to share serialized stories with readers over an extended period – one episode at a time.

Read the first few episodes of a story for free. At the end of each episode, you can Favorite the episode, so it will inform you when new episodes post in the story. You can give the episode a thumbs up, which I would hope everyone would do unless the reader decides to leave the story. It is also a place where the author can engage with readers. They can leave notes, hints, or ask readers to take a short survey. Example: Do you think Cody’s magical powers help save Brody’s life. Yes or No. Well, Cody and Brody are in book form, not a Kindle Vella story, but it was my example.

Each short episode should be complete, engaging, and satisfying for readers in a short time, to be enjoyed while in a grocery store line, car pick up line, waiting to pick someone up at the airport, or waiting for the doctor to come into the room, for example.

When I started reading Vella stories, Amazon gave members 200 free tokens. While I am not sure how long that sale pricing will last, it’s worth checking out. Tokens are needed to unlock episodes if you wish to continue a story beyond the first three offered for free. Then if you want to continue, you can easily purchase tokens on Amazon. Not to worry—tokens cost less than a penny each. To give you an idea, Vella limits word counts for authors to no less than 600 words and no longer than 5,000 words per episode and the story I am currently reading averages eight tokens per episode.

Now here is my news. My blog “The Haunted MD11” posted April 23, 2022 had a record-breaking number of views. Thank you for reading it if you had the chance. It was a short story—more of a book idea—but instead of a book, I will be creating a Vella story with multiple episodes. MD11 Flight 67 (title not confirmed) couldn’t be more captivating to write because it’s where fiction meets nonfiction, and you might want to keep one eye open the next time you fly. There might be a ghost on the plane, I’m just saying. Anyway, I hope you try Kindle Vella and look my stories up…well, in the near future!

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