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Iceland Anyone!?!

Who can’t fall in LOVE with Puffins!?
Their little marching walk
and their funny growling tones…
and they are smaller than you might think!

My Atlantic puffin friend Árni. He is about to leave his burrow for a four-year adventure out at sea. But Árni doesn’t want to go—he wants one more day to play with his best friend Birta, but she can’t be found. Follow Árni as he wanders Iceland in search of his friend before they must migrate to the sea.

Off the Beaten Path is where we met all sorts of four-legged Icelandic friends.

Then with a swipe of your finger, continue the adventure with your new puffin friends, Árni and Birta, in book two as they head off the beaten path and meet Icelandic horses, sheep, and reindeer, and experience other natural wonders of Iceland. As Árni’s parents search for the two young puffins, they find turf houses which date back more than 1,000 years and to puffins they look like huge burrows and a famously grand healing place called the Blue Lagoon plus other more Iceland treasures. But their story doesn’t end there!

Fire & Ice … So many things make Iceland special, and seeing the land so alive was breathtaking!

In book three, Árni and Birta are still exploring when an Icelandic Faery plays clever tricks on them, making their grand adventure longer than expected. She takes them where no puffin has ever gone before, and they discover Iceland’s glaciers, volcanoes, natural energy, and some of the legendary folk. But it’s getting late and all little puffins must head out to sea. Will Árni’s mother and father find them in time to set off on their long four-year sea journey. What will they learn and discover on the way?

Two pages from the eBook version of Iceland: The Puffin Explorers Book of Fun Facts, also included in the Audiobook!

The fourth book includes educational fun facts, Icelandic words with pronunciations, and more beautiful photographs so readers can feel immersed in their adventure and learn about Iceland’s volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, Icelandic history, and much more. Plus, if you listen to the audiobook, narrator Larisa Thompson will pronounce all of the fascinating Icelandic words for you.

The full adventure is told through inventive and engaging rhymes and illustrated with actual photographs taken while the author/photographer explored the beautiful country of Iceland, these images will take you there. If you have been to Iceland or want to go to Iceland and learn more about this fascinating country, this eBook and audiobook will be perfect for you.

RA with family in Iceland!
Three trips (2 months) in Iceland
to produce these books.

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