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Dear Journal, I’m Stuck on a Boat with Family!

1979, Dear Journal, it’s Annie. Moved onto a sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean, cut off from former life. Almost thirteen and feeling kidnapped by my family, torn from the life I love.

Annie – Aboard the Western Star

As librarians and readers come across this book, aka my sailing journal, it’s fun to hear their thoughts and comments. In the Preface I wrote, “This is my journal, and my stories are real!” However, readers seem to be under the impression that this is only a tale, not a non-fiction book. It’s classified as fiction only because of much needed edits. It was a project I had to be vulnerable to allow anyone in the world to read—but I did it and now it’s out there! So, when I heard, “I didn’t realize it was a real story and your personal journal,” I smiled and felt my face glow in a shade of rose that only now she knew how personal it was to publish.

The Western Star
“I found her!”
Dry Dock – For Sale

Writing this book was re-writing my journal, and I had to be careful not to add fiction to my story, though I could have shaken it up more! But I wanted to share how that year changed my life with the true memories of my life on a sailboat. An older gentleman made the comment, “I couldn’t put it down. It was as if I was back out on my sailboat.” How cool was that comment!  

Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star is a true adventure that will transport you to life on a sailboat. Find out what Annie experienced and discovered while snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and what happened on deck? My personal journal will take you on her year-long adventure.

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