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The Horse That Knows by Lynn Mann

A swirl of emotion swept through me as I read word by word, flipping page by page of Lynn Mann’s book, The Horse That Knows.

My Bonded Partner Clyde!

The statement on the cover read, “A bond with a horse can change everything.” This rings true to me as someone who has grown up with horses and was blessed to have experienced the bond we can have with them. My experiences were life changing. Horses give so much to humans, including motivation, courage, and strength to name just a few. My published journal The Last Crabtree Girl was my way of showing the work it took to be a World Champion horse and rider team, but Lynn Mann takes the Bond-Partner to a whole new level in this wonderful story.

The Horse That Knows by Lynn Mann (book cover)

My fellow equestrian friends rarely read “horse books” because of the disconnect between author and horse, but this book was a fantastic read and you will come out the other side possibly more “bonded” with your horse(s). I enjoy writing and reading books with a nonfiction meets fiction flare and Lynn Mann did just that!

Friends, if you find me MIA in the next couple days, my nose will be in the next two books of this trilogy!

One Love – One Heart – One Mind

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