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If you dream it, do it!

In the early morning hours, the dark night sky fades through several shades of blue lapis, Aegean, spruce, and stone. Then it’s as if a paintbrush magically sweeps several orange swirls of marigold, tangerine, ginger, and apricot across the horizon. Dawn is the sun’s way of stretching, rising, and readying for a new day. Each sunrise unique and more beautiful than the day before, with every color variation you begin to awaken, rising as the sun now warms your skin and soul.

Every single vine in a vineyard is nurtured and grows in unique soil, climate, and elevation. Its roots firmly planted, it’s pampered with seasonal pruning, feeding, and watering. These are some factors of its produce, the variations for the finished product of the vines. The wine’s wide array of fruit, earthy, floral, herbal, mineral, and woodsy flavors are a process that takes patience and talent of its vintner. Sitting out on the veranda overlooking the vineyard, you lift your glass, swirl it just so, and take in the unique scent before savoring the taste. Uncovering a new love, leaving you wanting more. Wishing you could compare wines from country to country, vineyard to vineyard, maybe even around the world.

Whatever your dream, seeking out sunrises or sunsets around the world or across the country, or if you are dreaming of exploring vineyards all over the world and tasting their wines—make it happen. For work or pleasure, strive to make it happen. If you dream it, do it! Don’t procrastinate about it. Plan it and do it. Let nothing stand in your way.

You only die once, but you live every day—make every day worthy of your life.

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