The Christmas Letter

’Tis the season for holiday good wishes. I smiled as I saw the red and green envelopes sprinkled within the everyday boring bills, cards of all shapes and sizes, and if you’re lucky, they will come with a note. Over the year, we have found ourselves too busy to pick up the phone and get caught up with old friends and relatives who live too far to visit. However, we find ourselves missing them especially this time of year and feel how deep we hold them to our hearts. Typically, the letter is filled with highlights, challenges, giggles, and maybe some sorrows, but we read them start to finish and smile, happy we were in their thoughts enough to be on their Christmas letter list.

My husband and I had dinner not too long ago with some new friends, and they told us about one of their Christmas traditions. They write a Christmas letter, as so many do, but they do it not only to recap their year but to save them in a family album, someplace safe, where they can look back and help them remember the year. They have been doing this for over 30 years. What a brilliant idea!

A ping of sorrow flashed over me, more like I wanted to kick myself for not having had that idea myself. Over the years, I didn’t take the time every year to write a Christmas letter. My husband off delivering packages around the world year after year, I was left to do all the Christmas things on top of keep up with three boys’ activities, soccer tournaments, basketball tournaments, music concerts and recitals, plus Christmas parties. Even though they were the best times and we enjoyed every minute, by the time Christmas came, I was exhausted and found myself without a letter to include in our Christmas card.

As regret swirled around in my mind, let this be a lesson to all. Take the time and write a little Christmas note. If you feel like you are too busy or even think no one reads it, I think you’re mistaken. Family and friends all want to hear about your year and it will bring them joy to know you thought of them, but most of all—do it for you. Save it, maybe even in an album, because your future self will thank you!

I hope this Christmas is Merry and Bright for each and every one of you!

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