Holiday Memories

The calendar reads December, but without little children in the house lighting up the room with their smiles, cheers, and bright eyes, it’s hard to feel the holiday joy. Christmas decorations are hung throughout the house, but without their giggles bouncing off the walls, it’s just not the same. A ping of sorrow hits, knowing my kids are all grown.


“Good morning, sunshine!” I whisper to no one while watching the sunrise and smell the sweet fragrance of holiday blend coffee coming from my mug.

Several shades of pinks, oranges, and reds touch the brilliant blue sky and dance across Lake Minnehaha. Today would be a great morning for a sail, but I haven’t owned or sailed a sailboat since I was about 15 (Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star). I find that my desire to sail again grows every day as I look out across the lake. Thoughts and memories of sailing my Sunfish from the main island of St. Thomas, USVI to a place called Christmas Cove flashes through my mind and brings a smile and a warm feeling inside. A feeling of Christmas… Memories of places and people sprinkle my thoughts.

15 year-old Christmas Cactus budding

Then I notice my Christmas cactus has budded and one salmon bloom on top is waving at me. I quickly text my best friend because it was her father, a retired nursery owner, who gave me the plant. He knew I loved Christmas cacti but didn’t have a salmon one and he grew one just for me. It was the last gift from him before he passed away, and this is the plant’s first ever bloom.

“Well, Merry Christmas, Gary!” I speak to nature’s beautiful flowering art as thoughts of Gary and his wife Pat drift into my mind and heart.

Drawing my cup of coffee close to my lips, I inhale the seasonal blend and think, I might not have little children lighting up the house, but I have more! I have the best memories of all my loved ones. All the special people who have touched my life, whether family or friends, gone or still with us, they are always in my memories and my heart!

Peppermint tea, holiday blend, or a hot cocoa…take in the moments and forever let them warm your heart.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Memories”

  1. so many memories..Little ones joys are in the past…but we lays remember! Who knows wht new memories they will create for us in the future. Love, Mom A.


  2. My nest is now empty but so many memories of the girls when they were small make me smile. Kaylan always made menu’s for meals and Emily tried to fancy up cranberry sauce. Now I have the grands to enjoy and make new memories with. 🎄❤️


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