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If Pets Could Talk …

Who said they can’t talk?

Annie is my father’s service dog and she goes everywhere with him. The special bond that has grown between heart patient and service dog in the past several years is unbelievable. He has stumbled, fallen, and she cried out until someone came to help. He has had several heart arrhythmias, and she notified him before his device notified the hospital. Not once but twice Annie has sniffed out my father’s friend’s cancer spots. She laid her head on his lap and nudged him with her nose on the spot until my father told him he should get it checked out. His friend found out he has cancer…in the area where Annie had bumped her nose.

Annie! Dad’s new medical alert dog 2016

A skill not all dogs embrace, a talent not all dogs carry out, but Annie positively thrives on her aptitude and her heart belongs to my dad.

Annie’s closet!

Annie was given a Halloween costume, I believe it was during her first year on my father’s side. Before the Covid19 pandemic, he and Annie would go have breakfast with friends. That morning he had removed her service dog vest and dressed her in a full-blown pirate outfit, eye patch and all. As they walked in, there was quite the buzz. “Look at that dog,” and “OMG, I have never seen anything so cute.” They continued walking right to their table and my father’s friends gave their all-in approval with hoots of laughter and loving pats on Annie’s head. Kids, families, ladies, and even grown men approached Annie and complimented her on her costume. Annie didn’t shy away—nor did my dad. This was the start of something big.

If you have or have not read my book: If Pets Could Talk – A Service Dog, it’s filled with Annie’s pictures with her costumes. Since then, Dad has had several more custom outfits made and Annie loves them all. This book was dedicated to Annie and my father and published to raise money for a nonprofit who trained and partnered my dad with Annie. It was my little way of saying thank you while teaching others a little about service dogs. If Annie could talk, she does every day!

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