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Taking in the scenery and people watching from a huge lounge in a hotel that sits at the bottom of Aspen Mountain is not only mesmerizing, it’s incredible.

Today there are workers setting up for a wine festival coming next week. The gardeners all look like they belong on snowboards doing extreme tricks in the pikes rather than digging holes. Every time I look up from my book, they have transformed the landscape even further into a colorful mixture of flowers. These flower gardens line the sidewalks and surround the hotels.

The leaves on the Aspen trees are a light green as they are just beginning to flourish. The air is light, and my mouth is dry because the altitude is higher than I’ve experienced in years. However, this gives me a reason to sit and sip fresh rocky mountain spring water in the cool air, under a sunny sky.

I am enjoying diving back into my book, Lakehouse Déjà Vu, and getting reacquainted with Jessica and Rose while sipping on hot apple cider. I could get used to this—especially the weather! I could read this book and a hundred more in a place like this. No wonder there are Free Reading Libraries on every other block here.

Whether you escape on vacation in person or through reading a book, I hope you can immerse yourself in the things you love.

Happy Summer and happy reading,
RA Anderson

Lakehouse Déjà Vu is on sale now for its June 13th, 2022 release date. Grab your eBook, paperback, or hardcover version here:

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