When the World is on Fire

A cyclone of thoughts, memories, conversations blazed paths between my ears. My temples pulsed, my eyes burned, and my stomach flipped as all the unfinished business of selling, buying, and moving blazed burning trails through my timbering mind. My shoulders sagged, my limbs felt heavy, and my jawline muscles burned as I noticed my jaw clinching and my teeth gritting. Nothing seemed to be going smooth. Everything I touched seemed to turn to ash.

My great niece, Addy, is a big reader and begged me to read her favorite book, and I thought the best way to escape my current situation was to dive into another world. So, I picked up the book Addy asked me to read and forced my mind to settle in on the words laid forth. Dragons and dragonettes, from royalty and not, danced off the pages. The night wings and ice wings and the most powerful dragonette is a hybrid named Fathom who was hatched with animus and had the ability to cast spells. Some have the magic of mind reading and the dragonette with the acute ability was named Clear Sight. Whether flying underwater or in the air, my mind couldn’t keep clear from the firebomb that had exploded over the week in my personal life. This creative masterpiece was being tarnished by my mindset and would have to wait until I put at least one fire out. I gave up on reading this crafty young lit book—for now! However, it did make me realize how much I needed to escape, but maybe to a place a little more familiar.

My eyes lingered on the brushed pastel colors that painted the sky and reflected across the lake water that was smooth as glass. A new day! The once active hornets’ nest that occupied my head seemed to calm, but reality of life was only the touch of a mouse pad away. A fight broke out between my spinning mind and my gut, and my gut won! Knowing I couldn’t take another “yesterday,” I wasn’t rested well enough for the marathon of life issues, at least not yet. This was when I knew to pick up the new cozy book written by one of my dearest author friends, Scarlett Dunn. Her books remind me of a Hallmark movie, not yet made but should be. They are page turners with twists and sexy characters and the two most recent books have a clever dog named Elvis. As the sky turned to lavender with a mix of baby blue, I opened the book and began to read. The heavenly scent of bourbon balls and bluegrass lingered as I watched Honey and Elvis’s adventure unfold. Hunky men, a mystery stewing, and a smart dog…halted my steamrolling life and I soon found myself as one of the characters dancing from the pages in Masquerade and Murder at the Bourbon Ball.

Life can set your pants on fire sometimes…just remember to stop, drop, and read!

1 thought on “When the World is on Fire”

  1. hoping your days ease of unknown “what next moments”. Glad you can relax by reading as I do when reading your books. Hoping to see you soon…know you have had a tumultuous time these past months. Want to see that lovely smile back on your face soon. Just Me

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