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When A Cockatrice is Cloned

When Hundreds of Cody Plush Toys Arrive … It’s a party!

Cody the Cockatrice has had quite the adventure coming into physical being. Everything from his heart-shaped tail to his big blue eyes came together one step at a time. Cody becoming a plush toy that can fly into the homes of his adventurous fans has been a learning process for My Favorite Books Publishing Company. Months and months of work and then waiting for their arrival has been exciting and frustrating. Other challenges came into play with a pandemic hitting our world, but Cody and his magical powers persisted. So, when Cody plush toys arrived, it was nothing short of a family affair—a cockatrice-godparent party!

Cody the Cockatrice plush toys are very excited to fly into young readers’ arms and bring some magic into their homes. Cody #1 has already brought life into our home. He has hidden all over our house during Christmas, bringing laughter to all. I can’t leave out how much chocolate he has soaked in and, as you know, he’s asked for a voice to become an audiobook and that too will soon be available.

If you want a Limited Edition Cody the Cockatrice plush toy, they are available on Etsy. They will also be offered (without the Limited Tags) on HCMA  where your money will be going to a good cause! All Cody the Cockatrice plush toys are for sale with a Cody the Cockatrice Series book.

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