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How Cody Comes to Life – Part Two

Cody the Cockatrice plush prototype arrived, and he is perfect! Now we wait for all his hundreds of clones to arrive in the new year. As the original Cody plush sat on my desk staring into my eyes, I knew he was pleading for more. He wants to reach more than a few hundred children. Cody wants to come alive, but he can only be heard by his guardians, those who need a little extra magic in their lives. Cody’s unblinking stare stirs inside me and I know he is telling me something—he needs a voice! Cody wants more from me, his baby blues are waiting for me, his creator, to “get a clue,” as if he pushed the thought into my mind. These children stuck home away from school miss their teachers and librarians reading stories to them—WAIT! Reading stories to them! So, I gave Cody a voice!

After heavy research, I signed on to ACX and hoped this was the platform to help Cody fly into homes and be the cockatrice god-parent he always wanted to be. I uploaded a couple sections of the book for the auditions to begin. Within days, we had over forty auditions. Cody’s gaze reminded me that I should probably form a team to make such a big decision. I found a professional in the audio-engineering field and a friend in publishing. We listened and all agreed on one voice.

A deal was made and now…we wait! Cody’s guardian Brody thought to himself, “Curled up, almost catlike on my lap, Cody the Cockatrice was sleeping. I took the cocoa from my pocket and left it near Cody’s head. Oh, how Cody loves his cah–cow! Bowen, Bryant, and I smiled at one another, and we couldn’t wait for our next adventure to begin.”

Soon, you will hear our story on Audible. Stay tuned—we will soon be announcing who will be reading Once Upon the Rhine.

Come join us on our adventure!

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