Lakehouse Déjà vu – Novella


It was open, simply sitting on the table. My gaze fell over the words in her journal revealing her deepest fears.

Rose is my dearest friend. It’s always been Jessica and Rose! We are practically inseparable. Our differences made us closer friends, I thought. I’m outgoing, one who loves adventures, and there are no strangers in my path, while Rose stays in her “safe place” and it’s hard for her to look anyone in the eye.

I have a plan! I’m taking her to Florida. We’ll have an amazing time and maybe the break from routine will help her be able to open up and enjoy life more. It will be incredible—a trip that will change our lives forever! That’s the part that’s unexplainable, though. Deep down, I know our lives will be changed but not how. How can I plan a trip that’s so mind-blowing it will be life altering? I can only hope, however it works out, that it helps Rose bloom like the beautiful flower she is.

Coming Soon … Lakehouse Deja Vu, a Novella by RA Anderson

Deja Vu painting by: Caroline

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