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The Land of Vikings and Trolls – Book #2 is now PUBLISHED

Flying high above the clouds … We are set for our new adventure!

Cody is a Cockatrice, an extraordinary hybrid cockerel-dragon, fathered by a rooster, mothered by a lizard, and hatched by a toad, a true little blood cousin of dragons. They inherited their wings and tails, you know! Cody is the protector of three guardian children named Brody, Bowen, and Bryant, their personal CGP (Cockatrice-godparent).

Cody is about to go where no cockatrice has gone before, so he believed. His family has a trip of a lifetime planned around a cousin’s destination wedding in Iceland! An island far from tropical, it sits on the edge of the Arctic and is alive with ripping ocean currents, active and non active volcanoes and geysers, plus waterfalls—too many to count.

While in Iceland, Cody discovers he can see history unfold much like a memory and realizes the hot boiling magma that cause more than 100 earthquakes per day isn’t the only thing moving beneath the surface of this island. He discovers magical powers he’s never known before and gets a sneak peek of where trolls live in the summer months and where the sun warms the earth’s surface but freezes a troll into stone. Are they friendly or will he have to turn them to stone without the help of the sun? He sure has his hands full because while he’s off puffin and trolling, a couple of curious fairies find the boys are quite amusing.

Book two in the Cody the Cockatrice series, The Land of Vikings and Trolls takes you on a journey around the not-so-tropical island of Iceland—an adventure like no other for these boys and their new friend, Cody the Cockatrice. 

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