Superman Strength!

Bryant, Bowen, and I had our eyes fixed on Cody and found our mouths gapped open slightly.

“Did you see that?” I asked Bowen.

He nodded as Bryant leaned toward us and whispered, “Cody’s as strong as Superman!”

In The Land of Vikings and Trolls, book two in the Cody the Cockatrice series, Cody’s magical powers and strength are being revealed to his guardians, Brody, Bryant, and Bowen. But that’s not all, sometimes these magical moments come so unprompted that I, the author, don’t know about it until my fingers dance across the keyboard while following instructions from my inner thoughts. Ideas I hadn’t written down in my journal, a spark that wasn’t included in my outline but came flowing outward as if I’d known all along. These moments are so spontaneous that sometimes I laugh until I cry or become very curious about what will happen next that I don’t want to stop writing until I find out what happens.

Coming Soon in 2022!

Writing, to me, is following my heart while telling a story based around the adventures I’ve experienced. To travel is a gift, and it’s important to me to share these places in my stories with anyone who wants to read them. Cody the Cockatrice’s first book introduces the characters and the story of how they met while traveling down the Rhine River on a Disney Adventure cruise, and book two brings readers along to Iceland where history, earth science, and folktales come to life with every page turned.

Cody the Cockatrice series book two, The Land of Vikings and Trolls, will be available January 2022!

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