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Top Bunk

Where you should never put a child wearing Superman pajamas.

When the boys were young, being a mom was one of the most fun times of my life. As you know, life is what you make of it! Although, I had some hands-on learning experiences to endure because I wasn’t the best at taking advice. A young mom and hard-headed!

“Who wants to play swamp dinosaurs or 5000 leagues under the sea?” I would call out, and typically both boys (my youngest wasn’t born yet) would answer, “Me, me, me!” I then would have to chase the boys to the bathroom. Their eyes widened as the bathtub was engulfed with bubbles and they were greeted by several assorted dinosaur figures and sea creatures large and small. So thrilled with excitement, I would have to remind them to take off their clothes before getting in.

Well after their little hands pruned and the water cooled, I could convince them to put the critters to bed. While towel drying them off, I would say something like, “I think I am going to be Eeyore tonight and dream of the hundred-acre woods.”

This would always prompt them to think—I could see it in their eyes and their faces. “I want to be SUPERMAN!” said Brody as he put both fists on his sides and looked off to one side, ready for action.

The tiny voice of my oldest son muffled by a towel added to the conversation, “I want to be Batman!”

No orders needed. These two boys were off to their room and dressed for bed.

After reading them a story on the double bed below, Superman climbed—I am sorry, he flew up to his top bunk and slipped between the sheets. Both boys were out before I flipped the lights off, So I, a young mother, thought! What mother doesn’t want their children to sleep dressed in PJs that will deliver dreams of being a superhero and helping the world be a better place for all?

A crashing thud was heard all the way on the opposite side of the house, and a short yelping cry followed. Nothing else could be heard over the pounding heart in my chest. I swung the boys room door open and flipped the lights on. Not a movement was seen, not a whimper was heard as I stepped closer. Superman had leapt into action in his sleep and landed on his brother’s double bed below. I slipped a blanket over Superman and slowly backed out of the room.

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