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Life Can Be …

My eyes burned from the sea of red lights. My extremities numb, I no longer felt blood run through my hands as they clutched the cars steering wheel, nor my foot as it somehow found its way from brake to throttle repeatedly. As I glanced over my shoulder, trying to find an inch to make my way to the exit, I grimace in pain. It was only my luck that a pinched nerve would occur right then.

Life can be a traffic jam!

A gentle breeze carrying the scent of gardenias and roses lightly lingered. My shoulders found their place as my eyes relaxed. The sea was calm, and my balance was firm. A slight splash and soft whispers from the birds above. Palm trees cast long shadows as the sun kissed my cheek.

Life can be unreal!

A single day can slide by like a flowing river dodging and weaving through river obstacles, shallow spots, rocky terrain, a water fall, or a dam, whether it’s a roaring body of water or a glacier river only moving a few inches a year. Boots stuck in mud, trapped without options. A hand appeared, offering a solution and showing kindness, reminding me that traveling down life’s river is safer when you have friends.

Life can be a million little things!

Standing in what felt like quick-sand, all things swallowing me whole, I was feeling overwhelmed. The day was ending in another of life’s traffic jams—nothing completed or accomplished, just another day I trudged through. When I heard a ping, curiosity led the way. This is what I read:

“Cody use to take care of children for hundreds of years. However, during a 50-year period, children stopped believing in cockatrices. Now Cody has no one to take care of. But, one day he meets 3 boys (Brody, Bowen and Bryant). Will Cody watch them? You will have to find out in the book! This book is a masterpiece! I love how it talks about travel too. It is very funny. You will definitely laugh. People of all ages will enjoy this book.” Review of Once Upon the Rhine (Cody the Cockatrice Series book 1) by RA Anderson from Payton (11 years old)

Life can be a traffic jam. It can be unreal, but most of all, it’s the million little things that pull it together. Exit the highway, check your balance and flow with the river because there is always a rainbow after the storm. Payton’s review was my rainbow after a cloudy day. If you look in the right places, you will find your rainbow every day!

Follow Payton and her family as they take adventures near and far: Endless Family Travels

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