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My mind is blown!

My mind is blown! This is amazing—a review that speaks volumes about my little book: Once Upon the Rhine.

Reviewed By: Liz Konkel

Readers’ Favorite Review Rating: 5 Stars

Once Upon the Rhine – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

5 Stars!

RA Anderson delivers a unique and delightful tale that introduces children to the mythology of a cockatrice through a touching tale about friendship and new beginnings. Brody and Cody are both outsiders, Brody with his heart condition and being a middle child while Cody is literally on the outside of society now that he’s invisible. Cody is facing despair in his life as he went from being an important guardian to being entirely invisible to everyone around him due to the lack of belief in him. The two characters are at an impasse in their lives, seeking a new purpose and a new path that leads them to an accidental meeting. A family vacation turns into an epic adventure in Switzerland with a cockatrice, interwoven with scenes of their tour, which sees them at museums and around town with little lessons about Van Gogh exhibits and more included. Once Upon a Rhine is a charming and delightful adventure in Switzerland that brings to life a tale of friendship, adventure, and happiness.

Enjoy Once Upon the Rhine’s official book trailer here!

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