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Sprinkle a Little Magic

When you are surrounded by talented young people…you smile all the time.

I have to admit, my cheeks hurt at times, but what a blessing that is!

My oldest son’s best friend is in the film industry, still working his way up the ladder. He heard I was looking for a short video for a book trailer and in a matter of days I had footage to use. We then sent it over to my youngest son who is about to graduate from Belmont University with an audio engineer degree. He is more musically talented than anyone I know—next to the band members of Jukebox the Ghost and Steve Ferrone. It’s safe to say they are a little too busy to mix and write music for a little book trailer, but Zane is on Christmas break! Next, we added in this amazing narrator John York as the voice of Cody the Cockatrice. Then as mystical as Cody is himself, this book trailer was complete – thanks to John, Forest and Zane!

At least in my eyes, it was done with magic!

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