September 95th

The whispering sounds of a kitten’s meow arouse me from the depth of sleep. I open my eyes, then struggle to focus as they meet little goddess Maia’s wide, pleading gaze. Now a grown cat, she has always made sounds like a kitten and kneaded me like bread when she’s hungry. She stretches her paws out and begins her routine, her eyes locked on mine as if to say, “Is it breakfast time yet?” I make my way to feed her, and all seems right with the world for her, but as for me … I feel a chill in the air for the first time in our new home.

When you live in a warm climate, the calendar really doesn’t go past September. Today’s date is September 95th. Isn’t Christmas still months away? When I walk into a store and see Christmas decorations everywhere, it’s simply confusing, but today seems different. As the fog sits heavy on the lake, it almost resembles a cold winter day up north when the snow clouds hang low in the sky. The chime on the door triggers a Christmas tune in my head and thoughts of the cats snuggled up, taking a nap. Maybe it’s not September at all. Maybe it’s the beginning of the holiday season. Could it be that December is here?

A panic strikes deep in my bones when I realize…it is!

T’was only weeks before Christmas and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, well maybe a mouse.

The stockings were stored deep in a box,

leaving the chimney as plain as a rock.

Up in the attic where it’s stuffy and hot,

Momma stored holiday she’d made and bought.

She looked at the house and thought, I can do it,

Well, I’ve done this before, but alone it’s a chore.

The hot sunshine was hidden away,

making it okay to climb into the attic that day.

With a heave-ho she gave it a go,

though it was warm, wouldn’t you know.

Ducking through beams and dodging floor seams,

She wondered why this couldn’t be done in a dream.

The floor joist groaned and moaned,

as Momma decorated the house on her own.

No one was there to hear all the clatter,

Nor see her fall off the ladder.

She had a bump on her head and a lump on her rump,

and then like a flash, she heard a great thunk.

It can’t be true, but headache and all

she got right back up and decorated the halls.

Even though this doesn’t flow,

I’m sure you know how the story goes.

The whole house will be merry,

despite Momma’s traumatic day in the attic.

Whatever it takes to make this season bright,

we do it for love and the many special nights.

Inspiration comes in many ways, even from within a little kitten meow.

My wish for you is that something cheers and inspires you today!

Santa’s Lake House!

1 thought on “September 95th”

  1. Another down to earth accounting of Holidaze coming so soon after Fall!
    You speak the truth, Ruth. Anne ! I am an ion for Nook 2 of Vikings and Trolls to be published in January. A new adventure in the life of Cody, the Cockatrice😃. Happy Holiday Season…watch out in the attic! 😃💕


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